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Examine Your Competitor’s Content Marketing Strategies For The Development Of Your Business
Content Marketing Strategies | Nov 25, 2016

Content marketing is the new-age marketing method which when done in the right way can fetch you customers instantly. Prior to opting for any marketing method for the purpose of promoting your business it is advisable that you conduct a thorough research on your competitors in terms of their various marketing techniques, lead generation techniques, etc which can act as a guide for you in your marketing campaigns. By examining the content on your competitor’s website you will easily be able to get complete idea about the various marketing tactics that they are employing and how they are using the content marketing as a method of marketing for the development of their business. This method which is also termed as “competitive intelligence” can be really daunting, time-consuming and tedious but highly advantageous so it is advisable that you hire professional services for carrying out this task for the purpose of getting the best results. Here’s a guideline that you can follow which can help you in garnering various hidden facts about your competitors:

Scoop Out The Total Content Posted On The Site Of Your Competitor- Study all the content that are there on your competitor’s site and even look for certain navigation tools such as resource tabs, blogs, case studies, etc which can take you to their content. Make a detailed analysis of the site as you may get to something valuable which can prove to be highly beneficial for you. While making a detailed analysis of the site you may come across top-notch content. Also inspect the footer navigation prior to leaving a particular site and examine how the menus are changing when you visit the landing page or any other page from the main content.

Go Beyond Your Competitor’s Website- Do not limit your examination to just the website, try and go beyond that such as it is not only the site where there is the presence of content, your competitor may present their content to the customers by the way of blogs, etc. You can browse through social channels such as Pinterest, Reddit, etc for any of their posts which may date back by several weeks. For digging out your competitor’s content you can make use of a tool which is called the “backlink tracker tool” in conjunction with a BuzzSumo app which will help you in getting access to most of your competitor’s content which may have been published elsewhere.

Make A Proper Assessment Of The Content- After you have gotten hold of your competitors’s content, make a proper assessment of the content in terms of the quantity of the content been published and how it has been marketed by the marketing professionals and how many times does the marketers publish the same content. Not only content but also calculate the number of blogs they are posting or the number of videos or images that they have created for people to see and their time duration. Last, but not the least check what are the results or feedbacks that your competitors are getting through this from the customers. This method is also known as “content auditing”. You can use the app BuzzSumo for this purpose.

Assess The Quality Of The Content- After the quantity comes the quality for which you can make use of “engagement data” but for evaluating the quality of the content of your competitor it is essential that you read them which will make you understand whether the content is top-notch or not, help you to understand how it is structured, important details that have been furnished in the content for the customers, can the content be produced in a different way or format, etc.

Ascertain The Rationale Of Your Competitors- Apart from your examination of your competitor’s content it is very important that you understand their rationale behind content marketing in terms of the things that they would like to achieve through content marketing. A proper analysis will help you to understand other things as well such as the SEO strategies, the keywords which your competitors are using for the purpose of gaining more visibility thus more traffic.

All in all inspection of your competitors’ content strategy methods will help you in devising the best content marketing strategies which will eventually lead to the growth and development of your business. This method of “competitive intelligence” will also throw light upon the various marketing tactics that your competitors may employ in their marketing campaign.

So hire professional Idaho digital marketing services or content marketing services for ensuring the success of your business.