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Steps That You Can Follow For Increasing The Speed Of Your Website
Idaho Digital Marketing | Nov 14, 2016

A website to gain popularity would totally depend on its user-friendliness which includes its navigability and speed. As much as it is navigable with a good amount of speed it will be more likeable by the users which will make them visiting the site for more. Certain steps that you can follow for increasing the speed of your site are as follows:

Create a simple website of yours so see to it that the design of your site is simple and organized and make use of CSS for styling your site. Decrease the number of scripts and place them at the base of your page. See to it that there are as less HTTP requests as possible which you can do by reducing the number of elements on a page which will lead to increase in the speed of your site.

The downloading time of certain big pages are way too slow which is quite justifiable because of the presence of large amounts of contents and many other elements which you can improve by decreasing the respective bandwidth of each page which will also result in lower amount of HTTP response and this method is basically known as “compression”. This method can invariably increase the speed of a particular site. You can make use of a tool called “Gzip” for this purpose. Moreover, your site will gain more traffic if it has been “Gzip compressed”. You should always leave the designing and development aspects of your site in the hands of the experts for achieving the desired results so you can easily get in touch with us at Big Wave Development for our valuable Idaho Digital Marketing service and the web design and development services.

Try to make sure that the server response time is less which will enable that a request from a browser will be attended to by the web server at the shortest possible time which eventually will increase the speeds for loading of pages which can prove to be highly beneficial for your site. For this purpose you can make use of Google’s PageSpeed Tools which can help you in enhancing your site’s performance.

While coding your design see to it that you code it in a comprehensive way so that they do not take extra spaces which can add to the size of a particular page. See to it that while coding the lines are straight so that they do not take much spaces. For HTML coding you can make use of PageSpeed Insights Chrome Extension and for JavaScript you can use the Closure Compiler or the YUI compressor.

Try and use smaller images for your site as larger images takes a lot of time for getting loaded and the best options that you can opt for for formatting the images are JPEG and PNG but it is always better that you go for JPEG. People usually go for CSS which is the acronym for Cascading Style Sheets for styling or presenting their web pages in the most attractive way so it is always advisable that you go for a single CSS external stylesheet as the lesser the number of stylesheets, the lesser will be the HTTP requests which will also lead to decrease in the coding size leading to the increasing speed of your website. So you can easily make use of the CSS delivery tool for this purpose.

Certain other methods that you can employ for the purpose of increasing the speed of your site are try and use less number of plugins on your webpage which you can do either by disabling them or deleting them, try and minimize the number of redirects which on one hand will increase your site speed and on the other hand will lead to great user experience.

It is always recommended that for the purpose of increasing the speed of your site you should put the above mentioned tips into effect and for that you can hire the services of the experts as well who would always be better off in handling your site providing you with satisfactory results.