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The Structure Of Your Site- An Important Aspect In Web Designing In Idaho
Hire Web DesignersIdaho web design company | Oct 14, 2016

Not only the development of a website but also optimization of it for multiple platforms is of as much importance for the purpose of spreading your business far and wide. Optimization of your site will gain you instant visibility which will be highly beneficial for the growth and prosperity of your business. Only through the process of search engine optimization will you be able to optimize your site which is considered to be one of the most cost-effective and useful marketing tools available. SEO can again be broadly classified into two categories: on-page optimization which only deals with the web page and off-page optimization which mainly is concerned with the fact that which other websites are linking to your site. The structure of your site will play a huge role in the overall design of your site so you should always opt for the best and professional web design Idaho services for gaining an eye-catching website of yours. Follow the below-mentioned points for designing a good structure for your site:

While designing the main page of your site which is the most crucial of all the pages as it is only this page which will make your site appear at the top positions on the popular search engines which invariably will gain you the maximum amount of traffic. Make use of different word combinations for optimizing your first page which will make it easier for google to understand what your site is all about and gain you the top positions on the popular search engines.

Try and increase the number of pages on your site as the more the number of pages, more will be your exposure and visibility. You can add various ads, articles, news, etc on the pages and can even post top-notch news, blogs, etc on the pages which will ultimately benefit your ranking on the popular search engines.

Add a navigation menu to your site which is very important for SEO and integrate the keywords in the menu links which will boost your SEO of the various pages which the links are referring to.

For the purpose of a successful SEO you need to integrate important keywords in the content on the main page, you should spread the important keywords all throughout the page which will give a tremendous boost to your SEO rankings.

Do not include sub directories as you should just place all the pages of your site in just one directory of your site and these are the only sites with a main directory which the search engines pay a lot of importance to.

For selecting a perfect keyword for your site you should choose a one keyword phrase for each of your pages and make sure to not optimize a page for more than 5 keyword phrases as it can have a negative effect on the ranking of your site.

So the bottom line is always lay a lot of emphasis on your site structure while designing your webpage as it plays an important role in search engine optimization and moreover a nicely structured website will make your site more user-friendly thus increasing your customer base with each passing day.