6 Things to Avoid in E-mail Marketing

In today’s scenario, product and services marketing is a whole new world. Technology has made it possible to decide the limit of your reach, which goes beyond borders and, if preferred, on a global scale too. Reaching out to the right customer and at the right time is very important; however, to convert that reach and to further retain the customer is the key to successful campaigns for generating ROI.

If done professionally and strategically, an e-mail campaign can lead to huge returns. On the other hand, a poorly designed e-mail campaign can damage the efforts and reputation of acompany.

Following are the common mistakes in e-mail marketing campaigns:

1. Problematic Subject Lines:

Though it comprises a few words, a subject line is the window for a potential customer to get a glimpse of the actual business pitch you intend to draw their attention to. A well-designed subject line can be a difference between a visit to your webpage or sending your efforts down to spam or trash folder.

  • Hyped-up subject lines often drive potential customers to marking the e-mail as spam.
  • Keep the subject lines as short and sweet as possible.
  • Focus on the subject. Avoid frivolous words.
  • Keep them professional in sense.
  • Personalize the words.
2. Hard Selling:

Instead of selling your product, you must place your efforts in attaining a great relationship with your customers. One satisfied customer is a potential sales pitch for many others. An e-mail trying to hard sell services can lead customers to avoid the services, which can damage the campaign. E-mail campaigns should be designed in such a way that they create a balance between informational content and sales content. This can help potential customers to further make decisions.

3. E-mails Designed to be Opened only on One Type of Device:

Consider the fact that not everyone carries a laptop around. Most of the customers are using smartphones to check e-mails and for browsing. Your e-mail content should be optimized to be opened on other devices. The content of the e-mail should not be too lengthy, as scrolling through multiple pages many a times puts off the customer.

4. Ignoring Text Previews:

Most of the e-mail services provide e-mail preview. It is a powerful tool if used properly. It introduces the customer to the content of the e-mail and also generates curiosity to further open and spend time reading the content. Just like the first line in an article can compel a reader to read, a well-designed e-mail preview can make the receiver curious to know more about it.

5. Not Considering Customer as an Individual:

A touch of personalization can do wonders. Everyone wants to be treated as important. Personalized e-mail can create interest in customers to read the content and develop loyalty in the brand. A personalized touch is the starting point of a great campaign.

6. Ignoring the Needs of the Target Audience:

Many e-mail campaigns are nothing more than just a sales pitch. Too many are selling too much. In the current scenario, a customer wants more than just buying a product or service. Through strategic planning and constant study, an e-mail campaign should be designed to give value for money to the customer. By making customer requirement a priority,you can generate value in your products and services and earn a loyal customer.

Avoiding these six points in your e-mail marketing campaign will ensure success for your campaigns.