big wave development Testimonials


  • Mike Ambrosio

    I have been working on a “pet” project for quite some time now. It’s a SAAS site and ”” and his staff became my 4th attempt at getting this done. Before I review , let me give you a little background…

    The project I actually started back in 2005 with a php script I had developed and sold. It did pretty well for a utility, but as I pursued other projects, that one finally got outdated, so I let it drop.

    In 2010, I decided I wanted to redevelop this as a SAAS. My first attempt was a programmer I knew from working with him for a couple of years at a job site. He spent about a year stringing me along with progress that never happened.

    Strike one

    Then I went to ODesk and found another guy. He was not in the USA, but his english was very good. He updated me and would show me some pages of work they did. Only it turned out that the “pages” were merely shell pages with no functions coded. I lost about $10000 on this one.

    Strike two

    Then I found another developer, but he was a one-man show and young. And I will say he tried very hard. He always kept me up to speed and he actually did some coding. But it was obvious that what I wanted done was a little beyond his capability. When he was finished, the site was mostly unusable from what I had envisioned. Another few grand gone.

    Strike three

    By now, I was a little skittish about trying again, but thought why not give it one more try. So I came to the WF and found

    From the first meeting I felt this time might be different. is a friendly guy but one who is also pretty darn sharp. Going through my project requirements, I noticed 2 things – he asked GOOD questions. He understood what I wanted and even made suggestions about how to make it better.

    We are over a year now on this project. We could have done this quicker, but the reason for the long time is all on me. I have a day business I run, so they actually have to chase ME down when they have questions, etc.

    Another reason for the time is whenever they get finished with one phase of the project I already have more features for them to add.

    I am probably about 3 months from launching, but the site is 99% complete, with just a few design items left. And I could not be happier with how it has all turned out.

    Like any coding project, I found bugs along the way. But for the complexity of the site I found surprisingly few. team are REALLY good at what they do.

    So, I can highly recommend and his team for any project you may have from site design to complex SAAS sites, to ecommerce to even article writing services. He’s dome MOST of these things for me already.

    When it comes to working with partners, developers, etc. trust is a big deal with me. I trust these guys to do a superb job. They have been worth every penny I have paid and then some.

    Don’t think about it any more. Hire them.

    Mike Ambrosio
  • Mktg Guy

    I have hired for various projects and have been more than satisfied each time.

    bigwavedevelopment team are creative, fast, and flat out get the job done.

    bigwavedevelopment team is always first on my list whenever I have web development work on which I need outside help!

    Mktg Guy
  • Ryan Harwood

    I have used for many projects. Compared to other overseas companies he goes above and beyond the status quo, he truly cares for his customers. He has always been available to answer questions, give status updates, quotes etc. He is fair and honest. I have spent thousands with his company in good faith and have never had an issue.

    Ryan Harwood
  • Andy Lan

    I have been dealing with for over a month now and he has never been anything but a stand up guy. He has helped me with different projects, he is available all the time when I need him and I could not be more impressed. Another thing he does not do is over promise! Which is huge when dealing with developers. Thanks for everything

    Andy Lan
  • Lee Zhern

    My experience dealing with has been awesome. I gave him the details of my project and he was able to make it come to life. His designs are very clean and modern which is one of the reasons I decided to go with him. Seriously, just take a look at his portfolio…that’s type of work his team will deliver.

    One more thing, I had a picky client who wanted revisions and bigwavedevelopment got back to me right away.

    I’m really glad he was able to deliver outstanding work in a reasonable amount of time.

    If you’re in need of Mobile apps , applications, design etc , don’t hesitate to reach out to bigwavedevelopment team…this guy can truly make your vision come alive!

    Lee Zhern
  • Mkensington
    quote never fails to amaze me with his work. Nothing is too much trouble for this guy – he is a great professional and the only person I ever use now on landers. In fact i am going to get him to redo a couple of other of my dating sites.

  • Marc Soffer

    Hey I wanted to leave my review, I had some work done and the work was great and communication was good all delivered quickly, but in reality, just looking through this thread and seeing the quality of the work displayed shows you all you need to know.
    Anyway thanks for the work guys, much appreciated.

    Marc Soffer
  • Jacko

    I hired and his team to develop and design a fully customized responsive WP website.

    After some changes in the design, which BTW bigwavedevelopment handled very professionally the website came alive an it looks outstanding. I’ve had plenty of compliments! Naturally there is always something you want to improve, but that’s normal in website development…I will improve my website when the time is right.

    It was very easy to work with bigwavedevelopment and his team, they are patient and follow instructions well and they are truly professionals.

    I know I will use them for all my future design/website needs, since the value for the money is just unbeatable.


  • Andrew Paul

    I wanted to leave some feedback for these guys .. Talented is an understatement ..
    Anytime you hire someone new , your never 100 percent confident in their abilities . But all I have to say is Wow . From the beginning they were very professional. Answered all my questions and made changes as per request with no problem.

    The site is completely custom made , not
    Just a paid theme…They built custom forms and header and all is responsive as well. I give them a 5 star rating and will be using them on my next project which will start in the next few weeks

    Thanks so much guys for all your hard work

    Andrew Paul